Helen Hardy

Standard 4 – Create and maintain supportive and safe learning environments.

4.1 Establish and implement inclusive and positive interactions to engage and support all students in classroom activities.

Dressing up enables students to roll play and imagine in a safe and nurturing environment that supports and encourages them to explore and grow.

Students are greeted warmly each morning. The day is discussed using visuals so students have an understanding of the daily routines and expectations. Students have a turn at ‘being the teacher’ each morning as we discuss the weather to build their confidence and enable them to role play.

During ‘Hot Reads’ students read to self or others then during sharing time they have the opportunity to discuss a strategy they used or to talk about their book. Students are encouraged to voice their opinion about their book which other students can question respectfully. This activity shows students that their voice and opinion is of value although others may not necessarily agree with them about their book.

A fire place in the reading corner to encourage students to sit around and read, discuss books or link texts to their own experiences.

Learning experiences encourage small groups and working with peers to strengthen bonds and enable students to feel more confident and learn from each other.

Working together – being part of the story telling.

4.2 Establish and maintain orderly and workable routines to create an environment where student time is spent on learning tasks.

Kindergarten students are unable to sit for lengths of time. Therefore modelling is short and interactive with students assisting with writing on the board and discussing learning outcomes. Learning experiences are then approximately 20 minutes with a movement activity or ‘brain break’ to assist students’ transition to the next activity. Literacy and numeracy are undertaken in the morning and middle sessions to ensure that students are switched on before becoming too tired as the day continues.

4.3 Maintaining challenging behaviors by establishing and negotiating clear expectations with students and addressing discipline issues promptly, fairly and respectfully.

PBL (Positive behaviours for learning) is embedded school wide. The expectations of being safe, respectful and a learner is the foundation of PBL. At the beginning of the year the students create a list of their own expectations that support PBL such as being safe – walking in the school and on the concrete, being a learner – lining up when the bell rings. The written expectations are placed on the wall with visual supports. Drawings and photographs are used as displays around the room and a class book is created using photos of the students. Circle time is undertaken after each break to discuss issues that students might experience and role play enables students to develop strategies to manage emotions and solve problems.

Circle time after each break to discuss playground issues and learn strategies to deal with them. Circle time is also undertaken twice a week with a different focus area. Students role play, create drawings and visit different setting to consolidate learning.
Students dress in the teacher duty clothing to demonstrate how to identify the teacher on duty and practise approaching them to discuss playground issues.

4.4 Ensure students’ wellbeing and safety within the school by implementing school and/or system, curriculum and legislative requirements.

I am bound by the Code of Professional Practice, as well as my own personal ethics. I provide students with a safe and secure learning environment. I ensure that I behaviour professionally and model appropriate behaviours.

When planning lessons I ensure that student safety is taken into account. I check that lessons and activities are age appropriate and that materials are safe. Resources and items from the internet are checked to ensure they are not objectionable or offensive .

Further, the students’ wellbeing is ensured with the ‘Wellbeing team’. Meetings are held to ensure that students are given additional support when needed or that they are extended. ILPs are also written to meet the needs of individual students.

Mandatory reporting training was undertaken in 2013. During 2017 I identified a student at risk and with the support of the Executive Teacher I wrote and filed a report.

When marking the role each morning the students place their photograph on the wall which provides a quick visual representation of who is present or absent. The role is marked again in the afternoon and students are reminded to stay with me until their parents arrive each afternoon to collect them.

Safety is taken into consideration when setting up Gross Motor activities.

4.5 Incorporate strategies to promote the safe, responsible and ethical use of ICT to learning and teaching.

Websites are age appropriate and checked prior to use. The computer is removed from the dock and smartboard before programs load to ensure students are not subjected to inappropriate content.

Students use Reading Eggs and Mathletics. They are reminded to stay in the program and are supervised to ensure that they cannot access other sites.